One year ago I had a dislocated shoulder. Nine months later, my shoulder was still painful and at times the pain kept me from sleeping. Lucy visited twice in 14 days to treat my shoulder with acupuncture and moxabuxtion. The difference was enormous. Lucy gave me the good advice to use Tiger Balm and to keep the shoulder and arm warm. Lucy, you helped me a lot!! Thanks!!!


A year ago, I was diagnosed with the onset of glaucoma, for which I was prescribed eye drops.  I was not happy to use these eye drops (often a life-long treatment), and contacted Lucy to see if there was an alternative.  Now, a year later, after following a course of treatments with Lucy, my glaucoma is cured.  And, as an added bonus, my eyesight has also improved.

I have also been receiving treatment from Lucy for a very painful shoulder injury, which I have had for many years.  Again, through acupuncture, massage and her holistic approach to health problems, my shoulder is once again pain free and mobile, enabling me once again to enjoy racquet sports.
I can truly recommend consulting Lucy for any health problems.

I was suffering from extremely elevated blood pressure or hypertension and the doctor wanted to put me on two types of medication to treat my condition. After only one treatment with Lucy my blood pressure normalized. I have regular treatments every month with her, am drug-free and enjoying life to the full. I spent the last season cross country skiing and am enrolled in Thai kickboxing classes.


I have had knee problems since I was 9 years old, where I fell down a flight of stairs.  My right knee hurts whenever I strain my legs too much by jogging or other exercises.  I went on a ski trip the weekend prior to the treatment and underestimated the strain of skiing.  Exhausted and in immense pain, unable to continue, I finally reached the point of saying that the pain is enough.  Something had to be done, considering it is not normal for an eighteen year old to already have knee problems.  When my sister came with the idea of acupuncture, I gladly accepted, even though I was a sceptic of the affectivity of alternative medicines/treatments.

The treatment started with a massage to soften the tense muscles.  Distracting me with conversation, she professionally inserted the surprisingly long needles into my knee and used moxa to heat up certain spots on and around the knee.  I have an unreasonable fear of needles, and thinking about inserting them far into the knee was not a particularly charming thought.  The treatment lasted approximately twenty minutes. After the treatment, Ms Lucy Dean advised me to do follow up exercises on a daily basis.  The follow up exercises help by building up the muscles around the knees to support them.  I can confidently say that the acupuncture has immensely helped me.  My knee does not hurt as intensely anymore and I can do sports whenever I please without having to stop halfway due to the pain.  I whole heartedly recommend Ms Lucy Dean for any acupunctural treatment.  Even if you are a sceptic as I initially was, just give it a try.  Trust me, you will not regret it.  If I had to give it a score, the treatment would get 10/10.


Lucy is an extremely gifted acupuncturist and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking healing, balance and optimal health.  I have been seeing her for two years for fertility related issues and through her skilled treatments and wise advice I have managed to regulate my system, naturally; and we are now expecting our first baby any day!  Lucy’s years of study in China with true masters and her hands-on work in clinics and hospitals in Europe, combined with her loving but firm advice, make her an experienced professional.  Her ability to connect with patients and given them the specific treatment they need is truly unique and powerful.