I hold a Bachelor of Science in Oriental Medicine, specializing in Classical Acupuncture, and a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Chinese studies. I completed a four-year internship in the Shuguang Hospital, Chinese Medicine Department in Shanghai.

I have gained four years private clinical practice in the UK, four years running a part-time expatriate clinic in Shanghai and since 2012 have been developing my practice in Geneva.

In addition to the practice of acupuncture, my treatments include Chinese manual therapies, moxabustion, cupping, Thai massage, meditation and breathing exercises. I have a background in martial arts and I also offer advice and exercises to help the patient train their own body for long-term healing and health maintenance.

I practice regular meditation and use daily periods of silence to ensure my own energetic balance. I also teach basic meditation techniques during sessions to assist patients suffering from over-active, restless minds.

Having studied classical acupuncture, I treat all conditions by firstly correcting the internal imbalance. My clinical practice addresses such issues as: muscular-skeletal problems, neurological conditions, diabetes, weight gain, spinal problems, back pain and postural correction, sinuses and respiratory tract conditions, headaches and migraines, infertility, obstetrics, pregnancy and labour. I also conduct pro-bono work in the fields of addiction, epilepsy and psychiatric medication dependency.