[PICTURE: Moxabustion & Patient]

[PICTURE: Different type of mugwort]

Moxabustion is an ancient form of medicine that involves applying heat generated from mugwort to areas of the body. Ancient sages knew that many chronic conditions are caused by the invasion of cold and created numerous ways of getting heat back into the body. Over generations of practitioners other uses of moxabustion were noted and developed and it now constitutes a comprehensive medical system, in its own right.

The vast majority of moxa used is mugwort that burns in the same way as an incense stick; slowly smouldering and generating intense heat. Most of those using moxa are also practicing Acupuncture in combination to treat an array of chronic and acute conditions, such as diabetes, pain, fractures and constipation.

Lose mugwort herb can be bunched together and stuck to the end of a needle (already in the body), when lit it passes heat directly into the acupuncture point, into the body’s interior. This gives the patient a sense of conforting warmth while also enhancing the immune system stimulation.

Moxa also comes in sticks, either smoking or smokeless. The Japanese smokeless moxa sticks are often used in clinics or home, and can be bought online.