EDIT cupping

Cupping uses the power of a vacuum created in a glass cup to shift deep-rooted tissue level stagnation. This stagnation can come in the form of knots of muscle fibres that over time can go calcified and bony; collections of old immune system cells and inflammatory debris around the joints; enlarged lipid, fat cells around the thighs, abdomen and buttocks and emotional stagnation held throughout the body and in postural alignments.

The cups are applied, pulling the skin into the vacuum and dredging the stagnation. The application involves the lighting of a cotton ball in surgical scissors and burning it in the cup for no more than a second before swiftly removing it and applying the cup to the body. The cup will leave a pinkish or purplish mark for between a few minutes and a few days. The practitioner will pay attention to the colour, depth and longevity of the marks to make assessment of the severity and longevity of the stagnation.

Cupping has great efficacy, often enabling the patient to achieve in one session what would take three or four massages. After a cupping session the patient will experience better movements, loser muscles and enhanced flow of energy. Its important to wrap up warm and drink plenty of water after cupping.